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Evolutionary Astrology Reading

Rediscover your empowerment journey

Have you noticed that the organizational structure of an atom is similar to that of the solar system?  We seem to live in a Universe of repeating patterns and fractals.  Perhaps it is the Universe's way of reminding us that the microcosm is reflected in the macrocosm, and that the Cosmos can help shed light on our own unique path.   

Evolutionary astrology serves as a lighthouse for our individual empowerment journey that has spanned many lifetimes.  In a reading I will explore with you the specific themes that your Soul draws to you for your own personal transformation and re-awakening.  

In this 90-minute session, we will discuss:

  1. The themes of empowerment/disempowerment that your Soul may attract towards you for the purpose of your
    inner transformation and evolution
  2. The type of early childhood conditioning incubator that your Soul may have chosen to experience and view the
    world through
  3. The energetic sensitivities of your inner child and ways of supporting them
  4. Your unique gifts and the type of role you may step into in many lifetimes
  5. Areas of life you can embrace for your personal spiritual growth and evolution

    For the next week, I am offering this evolutionary astrology session for $135 which is 25% off the regular price.  If you have always been curious about astrology, this is a wonderful opportunity for a thorough reading at a great price. 

    All sessions are via phone and are audio recorded.  

    To purchase this special offering, please follow the link below, and email me to schedule your session.  I look forward to supporting you in your journey.

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See what clients have to say:

Anne, Rochester NH

“I decided to give myself the gift of a reading with Rob for my 72nd birthday. He provided amazing information that has been a catalyst for so much release and expansion. It was really helpful that he emailed me a recording of the session so I could take notes and review the information. I can’t wait to see how it all plays out in the coming years”

Angela, Eliot ME

"Rob did an astrology reading for me. Not only was it thorough and insightful, he recorded it so I can listen again. He tied together themes that have been present, and illuminated patterns I hadn't noticed. I was able to apply that new insight to how I make decisions and think more about my underlying motivations... we wrapped up with some cartomancy which was just fascinating and really gave clarity on my coming year.  I was very comfortable sharing pieces of my story that sometimes leave me feeling vulnerable. A safe and calm presence with whom I could dig deeper into who- and why I am who- I am."

Teresa, Exeter NH

"I was very pleased with my astrological reading. After giving Rob my birth date (time and place of birth) he met with me and went over everything. I have had my charts done before and I couldn’t really make sense of it all. Rob spent a significant amount of time going over it all with me so that I could understand it all, and apply some of what I learned to lessen some of the struggles I was experiencing at that time.  I highly recommend Rob if you are thinking of having your charts done.  He is a wonderful person. "

Donna, Hampton Falls NH

"I enjoyed my astrology session with Rob.  He guided me through my Natal Chart, answering many questions for me so that I could gain insight and understanding of my life's purpose. Rob is very patient and has a nice sense of humor."

Kim, Durham NH

"Rob prepared cardology and astrology chart readings for my three-year-old daughter. What was shown was her essence and how she presents herself in this world; the patterns and challenges she faces, now and in the future. It is comforting as a parent to receive validation of some sort, that our children are so incredibly “who they are,” from the very beginning of life.  This invaluable information will continue to help us as parents to support her needs, desires, strengths, weaknesses and individual life path.  I highly recommend Rob and the amazing work he does!"

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