Rob supports clients with a broad range of services, all of which are designed to address the root of the problem.  All beliefs, habits, and emotions are seeded in the subconscious mind, which has a built-in mechanism to protect against what it believes to be unnecessary change.  Together, we work with the subconscious mind to find a positive solution.  When the roots of a problem are properly understood, positive changes can be made, and you place yourself into a position to succeed.

The following services can be offered either as (A) an interactive one-on-one session, or (B) a guided group journey:

  • Past-life regression: Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, past-life regression brings the ability to see current life issues in a different context.  The work of Brian Weiss ( has shown that positive change can occur naturally when the problem is understood in another way.
  • Managing stress:  Stress occurs due to internal conflict.  When these two opposing subconscious aspects are explored and expressed, a positive solution can be found.
  • Regaining self-control:  We all have cravings.  And cravings come from a part of us that feels it is missing something.  Truly understanding and addressing the ‘void’ we are trying to fill with cravings can address the habit at its root.
  • Releasing fears and apprehensions:  Fears arise due to past associations we made during difficult situations.  Looking at these associations through a safe and gentle lens can dissolve these fears and bring a new sense of freedom and confidence.
  • Weight loss:  When did you gain the extra weight in your life?  Could there have been a difficult life situation that subconsciously led to the change in your physical appearance?  Investigating and addressing these subconscious roots can bring positive transformation.
  • Lyme and other wellness support:  The mind-body connection is no longer considered a myth.  Moving through chronic dis-ease, I have found that my physical health often reflects my current emotional state and understanding the experiences and metaphors behind discomfort is an important step in holistic healing.
  • Support for Men:  Real men look at their wounds.  Modern culture conditions men to disconnect from our emotions and be ‘tough’.  What if true strength came from looking at our own vulnerabilities?