“Deciding to try a hypnosis session with Rob was a wonderful decision. The sessions I have had so far were unbelievably eye-opening experiences.  Probably the most profound experiences I have had in my life. What I have learned about myself and the universe is immeasurable. Rob is not only highly skilled at his craft, he is also thoughtful and sensitive to my needs and goals. A special and extremely kind person, everyone should have the chance to work with him.”

– Glynis, Strafford, VT

“My experience with Rob has always been kind and welcoming.  Whether in person or online, he is a master of inducing and guiding hypnosis and knowing when to ask questions or when to observe and be present.  I look forward to many more sessions in the future!”

– Scott, Phoenix, AZ

“Working with Rob opened inner possibilities and insights beyond any of my preconceived expectations.  His presence radiates love, safety, and wisdom, and the intuitive way he guides makes working with him a special journey.  Rob is truly gifted to do this work and I can’t recommend the experiences he facilitates highly enough!”

– Mira, Sedona, AZ

“Rob is a highly skilled, intuitive, and deeply compassionate facilitator.  He has a great capacity to hold space for your process in a gentle and encouraging way.  He will guide towards goals or intentions set up beforehand, and he also knows when to let go of structure and navigate opportunity – the unfolding of the unknown, whatever is arising in the moment.  He is tracking and anchoring the whole multidimensional scope of you and your experience as you travel this space of your greatest wisdom.  I’ve done a number of sessions with Rob, and it is a highly effective method for dropping into the dreamtime with profound lucidity, from which I’ve mined the treasures of healing, vision, wisdom, empowerment, and deeper integration of Self.”

– Raena, Dover, NH

“During my session I met God, who told me scarcity is a myth after letting me know I am not in charge of anything, which has allowed me to relax into joy and gratitude for all the precious life and love all around me and inside me.  I feel returned to living life present and aware of being alive, rather than simply existing or trudging through to survive.”

– Agnes, Manchester, NH

“It was my first time in a past life regression session and I didn’t know what to expect – except that I needed to allow myself to be vulnerable.  During the session, I allowed my emotions to emerge and guide me in a journey to my past – it was beautiful and emotional at the same time.  At one point, I stopped feeling my body – my cognitive part was there, but the sensation of a physical body was gone.  I was surprised that fear of not feeling my body didn’t come my way.  Rob’s soothing voice helped me stay calm.  My mind resumed its journey to the past, and it’s a journey that has continued to come back every night in my dreams.”

– Erica, Tempe, AZ

“I started the session telling Rob that I didn’t think I was a human before this, and didn’t realize that would take me into the animal world.  I was transported to a crazily vivid world of falcons, whales, and bacteria.  It felt like I was experiencing things with all my senses, tasting, and smelling.  Maybe it’s my wild imagination, but Rob did a good job taking me there.”

– Sara, Egypt

“Rob is a skilled hypnotist with a soothing voice, clear guidance, and unparalleled patience.  I felt cared for and supported as he led me through several past lives and on an amazing (and unexpected!) journey to retrieve a “missing piece” of my soul.  I recommend him highly.”

– Jane, Boulder, CO

“Rob and I met at Omega in Rhinebeck, NY October 2015 for a 5-day Past Life Regression (PLR) training workshop with Dr. Brian Weiss, who is an expert in the field of PLR, along with his wife Carole Weiss.  The workshop participants practiced various methods of regression on each other.  I am an intuitive and wanted Rob to regress me, because I could tell he’s a natural at doing this type of work.  I personally have dealt with some humbling repressed memories in this lifetime as well as dozens of other lifetimes.  Rob has been instrumental in helping me deal with some of these past lives as well as assisting me to release some of the cellular memory in parts of my body that needed to let go of this old energy.  I am grateful to have met Rob and have experienced a pro in the making in PLR.”

– Diane, Asheville area, NC

“I’ve experienced several sessions with Rob and his relaxing techniques and professional personality helped guide me into deeper hypnotic states than I’d thought possible (for me at the time). We were able to build off prior sessions and open up thoughts and parts of my brain previously blocked during my own meditation efforts, which have also become more successful since visiting Rob.  I can’t recommend him highly enough!”

– Ken, Hampton, NH