Restorative Hypnosis Disclaimer


By purchasing  a session I understand that Rob Stewart of Inner Center, LLC is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist and that he is neither a medical doctor nor a psychologist or a therapist, and makes no claim to diagnose or offer treatment of disease or illness whether physical or mental. 

I understand that hypnosis is not a replacement for medical treatment, psychological/psychiatric services, therapy, or counseling of any kind.  I understand that Rob Stewart does not treat or diagnose any condition, medical, psychological, or spiritual.  I accept total responsibility for my own health care and maintenance.

At no time will Rob Stewart attempt to provide medical or mental health therapy. I affirm that hypnosis is appropriate for myself and does not conflict with existing medical or psychiatric treatment.  I understand it is important to always seek out and follow the advice of a physician or other professional medical practitioner before considering supplemental approaches.

As part of hypnosis, clients are encouraged to imagine events, circumstances, behaviors, thoughts, and feelings, from prior situations in their experience.   I understand that clients vary greatly in their response to the relaxation/hypnosis with some clients experiencing intense images and recollections while others report experiencing relatively little. 

Additionally, I am aware that the images/recollections experienced during hypnosis may be real, may be fantasy, or may be a combination of real and fantasized or distorted memories.  I also understand that certain memories or images experienced during hypnosis may represent disturbing events, which can evoke intense emotional reactions or distress.  If emotions become too intense as a result of this session(s), I take full responsibility in connecting with a mental health care provider for for treatment and/or maintenance of my well-being.