Difficult times

I remember when a grasshopper visited me.

I was stretched out on the grass enjoying the sun on a warm autumn day, when I felt something on my arm. As I turned my head to look, I nearly jumped when I saw an enormous grasshopper on my forearm.

After I calmed down, I began to take a close look at the enormous bug still perched on my arm.

The thing was gigantic. It was bright green, with red eyes, and powerful appendages.  I could feel the weight of it on my skin.  And then I noticed one of its rear legs was missing in what must have been a brutal incident.

Grief spilled over me. This poor grasshopper could no longer hop as he once did. How was this grasshopper going to make its journey across the tall grass field?

As my mind continued to spin in worried thoughts, it spread its wings and flew away.

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